Stone’s Xocaveza Winter Spiced Mocha Stout

Stone Xocaveza Winter Spiced Stout

Give me winter, or give me…stout. Or give me a winter stout. Actually, yeah… just do that. Oh and throw some cocoa and cinnamon in there while you’re at it.

So if any of you are familiar with it’s 2014 debut, the Xocaveza Stout by Stone was one of the shortest-lived limited releases of a fantastically crafted, full-bodied milk stout that Stone had ever made up to that point (I’m not a big fan of the standard current Milk Stout).  It was a delicious, complex mocha stout at its finest.

Then the San Diego beer giant decided to make a Kentucky Bourbon barrel-aged variant in 2015 that, admittedly, was stellar (though the simultaneously released Anejo version that came out wasn’t). Now the original recipe (thanks to Homebrew Competition 2014 Winner Chris Banker and a WHOLE lot of demand) lives on as a permanent annual release as of 2016. Continue reading “Stone’s Xocaveza Winter Spiced Mocha Stout”


Stone’s Ripper Pale Ale

Stone Ripper Pale Ale

Stone taps into West Coast surfer culture to redefine what it means to “get ripped”–the tasty way, that is. 

Like the rest of Southern California’s coastal communities, San Diego has its fair share of surfer culture so it makes sense for Stone to pay homage to that, right? Coronado has the Surf Rider Summer Ale, Strand Brewing has Beach House Ale, The Dude’s Brewery Surfrider, and so on and so forth. So it’s totally natural for them to whip this one up

Let’s see if it has “A Ripping Swell of Juicy Hops” like the tagline implies. Continue reading “Stone’s Ripper Pale Ale”

Stone Brewing Co.’s Pataskala Red X IPA


Stone’s seasonal red IPA packs a hefty, hoppy punch that still maintains a leisurely mellow profile.

Stone has a newly added seasonal red IPA that surely strikes a sentimental chord with co-founder Greg Koch–the beer’s namesake is identical to his hometown, after all.

This particular beer was crafted last September in an effort to support the local musical and arts programs in Pataskala, Ohio. Pastakala Red X IPA made the cut on pure taste merit, and Stone released it on Feb. 1, 2016. It is currently available as a six-pack and on draft at select locations.

Enough about the background. Let’s delve into the specifics.

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