About Me

Thus far, I must say that my journey through this world as a musical, journalistic and digital soul has been unequivocally tumultuous, but that is the reality we all subscribe to unconsciously. Like the aphorism goes, “life is a roller coaster.”

Of course, that sounds more like patronizing banter than a proper introduction of myself, but that is perhaps one of my character quirks. My name is Derin, a zealous but reserved, unorthodox but traditional, intelligible but arbitrary recent college grad who is a guitarist of 10 plus years and is perpetually looking for the one thing all college grads covet–the perfect job.

Nearly a year and half ago, I met and fell in love with the most wonderful woman I have ever met–her name is DeeAnna and she is amazing in so many ways. Such a distinguishable person in her own right, she shown me things about love I’ve never known and my love continue to grow with her. Perfect girlfriend.

It goes without saying that I am hard-working, genuine, open-minded and masterful of written/verbal English, as I graduated with a degree in journalism. However, those who are astute in any regard will surely know this as well–I DO have a social side (vestigial as it may be) and I am certainly not a robot. I’m masterful with parlance, when it is APPROPRIATE. In other words, I’m known to have a  balanced practice of professionalism/formality and social interaction.

If you must know, I’m a strong believer in self-efficacy and do not like the idea of fate. I will say, however, that our actions do contribute to a collective whole that must be observed in the macro view of our planet and life itself. That is all I will elaborate on that.

I’m not this verbose in person, trust me. I actually like to speak TO people, not at them. My writings are where my real psyche manifests, which is how it should be anyway.


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