Lagunitas’ Hop Stoopid Ale

Picture of Lagunitas Hop Stoopid AleDo you like smell of fresh flowers in the morning? What about the brisk alacrity of pine aerosols? Maybe you have dreams of consuming these things. Lucky for you, Lagunitas has you covered.

Enter the Hop Stoopid Ale–an 8% ABV, double IPA that invites you sensuously and rewards you tastefully. If you have a palate for botanical libations, this one is for you.

Don’t let the rather unassuming artwork fool you. This beer isn’t something to gloss over (in fact, I often go for the ones that aren’t garish looking). It’s like having a walled garden in your mouth, but lets be clear–that includes roses too. Thorns and all.

HOT: Despite being a floral menagerie, this is a bigger beer but it is simple. There’s nothing particularly exotic about it, and just tastes plain great.

NOT: Like most double IPAs, the vicious bitterness of the hops is a respector of no man or woman, nor their tongues.

Lagunitas Hop Stoopid Ale First Splash

Compared to the brewery’s eponymous IPA, which has a flatter palate response, the Hop Stoopid has a sharper but brisker flavor profile. This is obviously because of the mounds of hops they must have crammed into it to make it literally taste like the first day of spring.

On its own, this brew is one of Lagunitas’ finest and decently priced DIPAs. Interestingly enough, it has this warming effect in the finish. A little odd, but pleasant nonetheless.

High Notes

From the nose you’ve got pine, citrus, wheat and some faint tropical notes. Spring incarnate infiltrating your nasal cavity is the best way to describe it. Tastes like it as well.

It has a similar feel to this beer, only not nearly as malty and or as citrus heavy.

Low Notes

You can see it on the bottle, you know that cute little “102 I.B.U.4.U.” at the top? Trust me…that’s not for show.

The body is more on the medium side, and the high notes do their best to make it as refreshing as possible, but the bitter finish is definitely not lost in the shuffle. The carbonic bite isn’t particularly strong, and the malt doesn’t lag behind too badly, so those are pluses.

Come on…if you didn’t see this one coming, you haven’t been paying attention.

Food Pairings

Right off tongue, a buttery cheese like brie or cambozola, or maybe even an earthy one like Gruyere. You might even want throw in a little fruit preserves if you’d like.

Chicken-based entrees would pair very well with this.

Is the Hop Stoopid Ale a Year-Round Drinker?

Yes. Besides the fact that it is actually produced year round, it has excellent taste and freshness. That being said, I picture drinking this more so in the spring and summer, less in the fall and winter. I recommend this for IPA lovers and those who are more intermediate IPA drinkers.


Hoptastic Rating: 4.0/5


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